Principal's Message....!

Panacea International School No.1 School in Marathwada

Mr. Prem Shanker Dubey
(M.Sc. B.Ed B.P. Ed.)

(Principal, Panacea International School)

The Words from the man Behind

PIS aims to develop all the faculties of the child to mould him into a Complete Human Being. This involves physical fitness, mental alertness, intellectual capabilities, emotional balance, aesthetic fulfillment, social responsibility and spiritual awareness. During their long years of stay at PIS, each of the above faculties will be strengthened by constantly providing the necessary inputs in the form of practical lessons in the respective field of study. All the faculties covered in the curriculum are broadly classified under 5 curriculum objectives of PIS, namely:

Physical Fitness
Intellectual Capability
Artistic Skills
Social Responsibility
Spiritual Awareness

“The winners of the 21st century will be those who can transform themselves into a wheel – which is lean, mean, highly maneuverable and can drive on any terrain, with any vehicle and in any climate” said Peter Drucker, the Father of Business Management.

If an individual's personality is visualized as wheel – at its core is the pivot with the strength and stability of character. The large outer rim in the exterior is an expression of the person's creative potential. Knowledge, skills and aptitudes constitute the numerous spokes which connect the core with the rim. The outer rim revolves as the wheel moves ahead, while the pivot is stable to balance it! Similarly creativity, technology, lifestyles change with time: but values (character) do not change with time! …but however beautiful the wheel (personality) may be, without the strength of the pivot (character) it would just crumble to pieces!If a child lives with recognition, it learns to have a goal.

If a child lives with encouragement, it grows up to be a confident person. PIS therefore does not measure Intelligence Quotient (IQ) with numerical and linguistic abilities, but appreciates whatever ability the child possesses – be it Linguistic or Naturalistic of Kinesthetic (physical) or Artistic.